Deccan Heritage Explorers

Deccan Heritage Explorers was a successful pilot programme supported by our donors and run by the DHF which operated throughout January 2013.

Working with students from three different age-groups, the Explorers project was designed to encourage young people of all ages and demographics recognise the value of their cultural, man-made, and natural heritage. By providing memorable, meaningful interactions with the past (e.g. interactive walking tours, lectures, and fun in-class experiences) the project helped students develop personal relationships to the history they live around every day.

As a direct result of this project's success, the DHF is arranging the Reis Magos International Festival of Music.

Deccan Heritage Explorers Project Goals

  • Create an inquiry-based, hands-on experience with heritage resources.
  • Provide experiential and interactive learning to ignite a passion for students' shared heritage.
  • Encourage civic engagement.
  • Empower young people to become actively involved in making a difference to their city and region.
  • Foster critical thinking, observation, creativity and leadership qualities in students.
  • Promote dialogue about sustainability, conservation and social change.