Children's Tour of Hampi

As a part of its heritage education program, DHF India organised a two day tour of Hampi for the 6th grade students of TISB (The International School of Bangalore) in January 2017. This tour's objectives were:

  • Introduce the concepts of map reading and map making
  • Introduce the subjects of archaeology and heritage conservation through activities
  • Conduct the tour of the UNESCO World heritage site for the students highlighting both the natural and the man made heritage of Hampi
  • Introduce methods of heritage interpretation such as reading inscriptions and archival documentation.

On the first day, the tour began with a session on techniques of reading maps on the top of Hemakuta hill. The students undertook a navigation activity to understand the concepts of map reading. The students visited a live archaeological excavation site and were explained the process of excavation. The half day tour was conducted along the river covering the sacred sites of Hampi.

The second day commenced with a trek up the Matanga hill. The students learnt the important geographical concepts atop the Matanga hill. Afterwards, the students visited the royal enclosure. Old archival photographs were used to help them understand a comparative study of the monuments. Within the royal enclosure, students learnt about the ancient rituals and practices of the Vijayanagara kings and also studied the various inscriptions.

A total of 60 students participated in this educational trip and the tour was organised in partnership with Fieldtrips - a travel management company.