Discover and Preserve - Helen Philon, You & I, 11/1/2020

'Back in the day, while visiting different sites, we came across the Deccan and I fell in love with the monuments I saw there. I couldn’t help but notice how most of these monuments were not properly taken care of. Hence the DHF took shape, with an objective to advise, consult, and do our best to restore monuments. We focus on restoring monuments that have a social dimension – those that can help the local communities. We’re currently restoring a pavilion in Anegundi in Hampi, which can be used for women to display their handmade products. Through this, they can make some money and have a bigger voice in the family. We want to help local communities become more self-sufficient and lead better lives.' 

Link to the full story - 'Discover and Preserve - Helen Philon'