DHF UK Board

Mary Anne Cordeiro

Mary Anne Cordeiro is a successful venture capitalist and angel investor with a focus on the Healthcare and Technology sectors. Formerly of Goldman Sachs and BNP Paribas, she graduated from Oxford with an MA in Chemistry and chairs the Board of Trustees for DHF UK.

Her connection with the Deccan began before birth and continues to this day. Born in Nairobi and brought up in the UK, her family nonetheless instilled a sense of intense pride in her Indian heritage. Through long holidays spent at their ancestral home in Saligao, Goa, she developed a lifelong appreciation for the vibrant complexity of Goan society as well as its historic beauty.

Having grown increasingly aware of the dire state of historical sites around Goa and the wider Deccan, Mary Anne resolved to do something about it. After being approached by George Michell and Helen Philon, she helped found the Deccan Heritage Foundation and works tirelessly to achieve this goal.


Dr Helen Philon

Helen Philon is an archaeologist, scholar and lifelong academic with a MPh in Pre-Islamic Art from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London; and wrote her PhD thesis on Bahmani architecture in the Deccan at the same institution. She has conducted archaeological digs everywhere from Iran to India while publishing a long list of fascinating work, and in the process built a flourishing career as a leading expert in her field. Helen fell in love with the Deccan while studying the region for her doctoral dissertation. Her desire to preserve the region’s monuments and  ancient works of architectural genius for posterity grew out of a particular affinity for places, like the Deccan, which serve as crossroads or meeting points between different identities and different worlds. In its ruins and reliquaries she saw an unending dialogue of more than two thousand years. After meeting George and Mary Anne she helped found the Deccan Heritage Foundation and now sits on our Board of Trustees.

Dr George Michell

George Michell is a world authority on South Asian architecture, and amongst the most distinguished architectural scholars alive today. He was born in Australia and received a Bachelor of Architecture degree from The University of Melbourne in 1968. After receiving his PhD from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London — publishing a thesis on the architecture of ancient Chalukya temples around Badami in Karnataka — he made the study of Deccani architecture and archaeology his life’s work. He has spent over 30 years researching and cataloging the enormous ruined city of Hampi Vijayanagara, among many other historical sites in the region, and published over 50 books (including The Penguin Guide to the Monuments of India). Seeing the monuments he made a career studying threatened by inconsiderate development, their beauty unknown either within India or worldwide, he joined up with Mary Anne and Helen to start the DHF and is one of our Trustees. George lives in London with his partner and splits his time between research trips to the Deccan and writing about its ancient architecture at home. You can find some of his books on our Publications page, and a video playlist of his lecture series Treasures of the Deccan is available on YouTube.

Treasures of the Deccan ran throughout October 2013 at the SOAS Lecture Theatre and was sponsored by the Bagri Foundation.

Stephane Bloch Saloz

Stephane Bloch Saloz is one of the founders of the Deccan Heritage Foundation. He trained as a lawyer and worked with the international law firm, Baker McKenzie, before joining the Edmond de Rothschild group in 1978. Having left the Managing Committee of Directors for the Rothschild Group, he was a member of the board of several banks. He has lived in Italy since 1998 and was the Chairman of Christie’s Italy, but since 2015 he has been sharing his time between Switzerland, Italy, and India.

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John Burke

Born in Genoa, Italy, and educated in Switzerland, John is a managing partner of Addvision Wealth Management based in Geneva and London. He joined the board of the Deccan Heritage Foundation in 2015.